Good Evening,


Here is the the lobby Day Report from Ulmer Park Depot. While the Union seems to finally have fixed the bus verus the past few years. Estiamtes of 53 buses were going to Lobby Day. The Union did not get the proper info to the section chair. The Section Chairs got the information the night before the trip to Albany. 


Our Bus left on time with 44 people on the bus. The Vice Chair of Ulmer Park Depot then passed around the Unions Agenda: See Below


Agenda lobby Day 2016.jpg


When the Bus Arrived in Albany we were met at Street side by Divisional sets. After meeting President Samuelsen in the corridor for pictures we were lead into the convention. There we had breakfast followed by a round of speeches and Video tribute to Twu Strikes. 


When Latonya Suray Started ny calling out the groups Ta Surface had a presience but When Mabstoa was called the building felt like it should. You could see OA leadership rub it in to Ta Surface. 


time Schedule lobby Day 2016.jpg


This was the schedule for the day. If you look at the schedule you can see what the issue was going to be. Why would you schedule a program during our lobbying time. The Program was long winded sppeches.


The Political Action Department began giving out folders for visits not by location. Why would you do this? There reason they gave for doing it this way due to the late arrivals in past years would alter the appointments. The way it should have been is the the should have seprated folders by location. 


Ulmer Park Bus split in to 2 groups. Ricky Costrella headed one group and I headed the second group. 


The group headed by me visted 5 different legislators. 

The first one was to an unknown legistlaor. That legislator was actual beginning a scheduled meeting. We dropped off to the legislator staff. 

Then we made visits to local representives. 

First on the list was William Colton. We had a 30 minute sitdown with the Assembly member. The group discussed with Mr. Colton a wide range of subjects. We spoke to him about the parking situation around the depot. He was going to get us dedicated parking along 25th Avenue from either 6am to 9pm or 6am to 6pm. Unsafe intersections and Dot refusal to fix them was discussed. The Overcrowding on the B1 was discussed and the N-train was discussed in length. Assualts on Driver and the getting the police to check on Bus Operators.


The Group also visted the offices of Peter Abbate,Pamela Harris,and Carlos Mencha.


Ricky Consterella and his group Visted with 4 Law makers.


While there was some local progress on issues there needs to be a better way going forward for Lobby Day.