Welcome to the page to educate and fight back against Vision Zero!


There is an Amendment to Vision Zero Bill Intro 663 which is posted below.

Find Your City Councilman

Tell your City Councilman to support this Bill. It is your job on the line.

While this is worked through the City Council by our PAC Department please be mindful of driving habits.


If there is anyone in the Crosswalk or just about to step on the street STOP YOUR BUS! Wait until it is clear before proceeding.Your Job and License depend on it.

Please lets show up enforce!!


Futher Action:

Tell Mayor Diblasio to Support intro 663:


Reach out to Mayor Diblasio via


Contact the Mayor


Tell Transportation Alternatives and Paul Steely White, Executive Director to stop Attacking MTA Bus Operators!

Contact Transpotation Alernative

Via Facebook





Paul Steely White at

via twitter


Via Phone

212 629-8080


Pending Bills

Orginal 11 Vision Zero Bills

Local Law 21.pdf  [163.22K]

Local Law 26.pdf  [160.21K]

Local Law 50.pdf  [162.59K]

Local Law 28.pdf  [163.74K]

Local Law 60.pdf  [113.53K]

Local Law 27.pdf  [163.99K]

Local Law 24.pdf  [168.09K]

Local Law 30.pdf  [303.99K]

Local Law 23.pdf  [163.11K]

Local Law 29.pdf  [276.33K]

Local Law 25.pdf  [210.68K]

Local Law 31.pdf  [113.85K]